Are you looking for a way to engage your church in outreach to your local neighborhoods?  Have prior attempts to be evangelistic been met with resistance?  Does your church need an easy way for everyone to share their faith?  FriendSpeak can help!

FriendSpeak works closely with churches, mission teams, college ministries, nonprofit organizations, and many other outreach groups to create meaningful conversations between Christians and their neighbors using time-tested and effective techniques.

Ready to start FriendSpeak? We offer two options for training:


This package comes with a renewable annual training subscription and materials, and is designed for churches with 10 or more volunteers ready to start a successful, year-round FriendSpeak program in their community. 

FriendSpeak Advantage membership includes:

  • One FriendSpeak Leadership Training session to equip your leader(s) to administer a successful FS program. FS Leadership Training includes a program overview, task lists, sample advertising, timelines, measurement tools, and everything else you need to prepare well for starting FriendSpeak. 
  • On-site FriendSpeak Training Seminars for your church members to learn the FriendSpeak method. Volunteer training packets include LUKE workbook and FriendSpeak Handbook.
  • Order additional FriendSpeak workbooks for your program at no cost and with free basic shipping.
  • Ongoing support and consultation for an entire year.

Not sure you need training?  

Our experience has shown that unless volunteers are trained, your FriendSpeak program will not be nearly as effective; in many cases your retention rate among volunteers and readers suffers significantly.  We do not recommend that any church or individual attempt to launch a FriendSpeak program without first participating in training. You won’t regret it!


This package includes an online training course designed for five or fewer volunteers who are ready to begin FriendSpeak on a small scale or trial basis.

 FriendSpeak Jump Start includes:

  • A Digital FriendSpeak Leader’s Packet for group leader. Packet will be on a flash drive enclosed with your materials. Leader’s packet includes program overview information, task lists, sample advertising, logos, templates, and more. 
  • A login and password for the FriendSpeak Online Training Seminar available for one-time use for up to five volunteers. 
  • Five Online Training Kits (LUKE Workbook + Handouts) and 5 additional LUKE workbooks for your first international readers. 


FriendSpeak Advantage 

$1,500 per year + FriendSpeak Trainer’s travel expenses

FriendSpeak Jumpstart


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