Are you looking for a way to engage your church in outreach to your local neighborhoods?  Have prior attempts to be evangelistic been met with resistance?  Does your church need an easy way for everyone to share their faith?  FriendSpeak can help!

FriendSpeak works closely with churches, mission teams, college ministries, nonprofit organizations, and many other outreach groups to create meaningful conversations between Christians and their neighbors using time-tested and effective techniques.

Ready to start FriendSpeak? We offer excellent training and support!

Get Started With FriendSpeak

FriendSpeak offers you an annual subscription model that provides everything you need to start, grow, and maintain a healthy, year-round outreach ministry to your international neighbors.  With over two decades of experience and 600+ churches trained, we know how to equip you for success and are eager to help!

Your FriendSpeak Subscription includes:

  • FriendSpeak Leadership Training to equip your staff, leaders, and key volunteers to administer a successful FS program. FS Leadership Training includes a program overview, task lists, sample advertising, timelines, measurement tools, and everything else you need to prepare well for starting and coordinating FriendSpeak.
  • Unlimited live or online FriendSpeak Training Seminars for your church members to learn the FriendSpeak core principles and methodology. Online training is offered two times each month via Zoom, and on-site church-wide training is available on Saturdays and Sundays throughout the year.  Training materials are always provided and include a LUKE workbook and FriendSpeak Training Guide.  Training is the most important part of our work, and it will be for you as well!
  • Helpful FriendSpeak Resources such as logos, advertisements, promotional videos, example scripts, and document templates for organizing your ministry are included!
  • FriendSpeak Support and Consultation is always available when you need it.  We have trained over 600 churches and will use their experiences to help shape your success!


Not sure you need training?

Our experience has shown that unless volunteers are trained, your FriendSpeak program will not be nearly as effective; in many cases your retention rate among volunteers and readers suffers significantly.  We do not recommend that any church or individual attempt to launch a FriendSpeak program without first participating in training. You won’t regret it!

FriendSpeak programs come in all sizes! Whether you are starting your neighborhood FriendSpeak program in a large or small setting, we want to work with you to get your program started well. Please contact us – we are happy to answer your questions and explore possibilities! or 817-684-7578.

Let’s Talk!

We know your situation is unique!  Let’s talk about how FriendSpeak can help you.
Call us at 817-684-7578 or send us an email (  We’re eager to connect!!

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