Reaching out to our international neighbors with English, friendship, and the Word of God.


Effective Strategy

FriendSpeak offers people something they want but have difficulty finding – a friend who will help them practice and improve their conversational English.

Everyone Can Participate

If you love Jesus, can speak English, enjoy people and have an hour a week to volunteer, you can do FriendSpeak!

Simple, yet profound materials and training program

FriendSpeak uses a unique set of tools and training that makes starting an outreach program in your church neighborhood simple, affordable and effective. FriendSpeak has trained over 500 churches throughout North America and around the world.


The success of FriendSpeak is a direct result of the training we provide to churches, campus ministries, mission teams, prison ministries, and other community organizations.  FriendSpeak provides training for both your leadership team and your members/volunteers to ensure that you are equipped for a smooth startup process and long-term results!

Our Vision  

A vibrant international community engaged in life-changing conversations.


The Let’s Start Talking Ministry has developed four unique series of workbooks that help our international neighbors improve their English while promoting honest and open dialogue about faith.  Unlike traditional literacy programs, FriendSpeak workbooks are used primarily in a one-to-one setting with the emphasis on conversation and relationship.  We do not recommend you use these materials without training.


Hundreds of churches across the country and around the world are sharing Jesus each week with their international neighbors.  Watch these videos highlighting how Christians are using FriendSpeak to share God’s Word.


Would you like more information about FriendSpeak, or to talk with someone about getting started?

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