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“ Pui  said that the only thing she knew about Jesus was Christmas and that when I was talking to her that this was the closest that she had ever been to  Christianity. She seemed very interested and went to church for the first time with me. The last day I read with her she told me that she trusted God and believes that God loves her! I told her to read the Bible and to keep asking me questions. “

LST mission project participant,
Bangkok, Thailand


Let’s Start Talking has been powerfully connecting people around the world through one-on-one English conversation practice since 1980. LST’s unique approach is an organic way to offer people something they genuinely want – a friend who will help them practice their conversational English – as well as something they need – God’s word. LST equips volunteers and churches with the training and materials to connect with their international neighbors through English, friendship, and the Word of God.


LST’s unique approach utilizes a one-to-one structure that allows the “Reader” to build on the English skills they already have. The LST workbooks bring Biblical stories to life and foster conversations about different perspectives, everyday life topics, and faith experiences. We believe that a friendly relationship and the exchange of personal insights is key to developing stronger language skills. LST is recognized world-wide as innovators of a unique approach to language learning, the results of which are heart-felt conversations about faith, love, and the source of abundant life.

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