What is LST Connect?


LST CONNECT is the simplest way for you to become an LST Worker or Reader!  Whether you’re looking to improve your own English or help someone else engage in meaningful conversations, LST CONNECT provides a proven approach and online platform for you to get started.

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Potential LST Workers (English-speaking volunteers)

  • If you have one hour a week to connect with a new or existing international friend, and a desire to talk about important matters, you will love LST CONNECT!
  • LST will match you with an international “Reader” who is excited about meeting with you to practice their English.
  • Your reading sessions will take place online via Zoom or WhatsApp, using your choice of digital or print workbooks to promote your conversations.
  • Workbooks are based on content from the Bible to promote meaningful conversations regardless of varying cultures and religious beliefs.
  • Helpful training and support is offered regularly to ensure an enjoyable and rewarding LST CONNECT experience!


Potential LST Readers (International friends)

  • If you want to practice and improve your English in a one-to-one conversation with an American friend, then LST Connect is for you!
  • Connect conversations take place online via platforms like Zoom, WhatsApp, or Google Meet – just use your laptop/tablet and strong internet connection for the video call.
  • Conversation materials are based on content from the Bible for meaningful conversations for people from all backgrounds. Digital LST workbooks are available for your convenience.


Next Steps


If you want to get started with LST CONNECT or learn more about engaging your church, school, campus ministry, or outreach organization, here are your next steps:


1. Register:

    • LST Workers (English-speaking volunteers) – Register here – 2024 WORKER Registration.  Once registered you will receive detailed instructions via email regarding your training, workbooks, and being matched with a potential Reader. Cost for LST Worker registration is a one-time donation of $55US.
    • LST Readers (International friends) – Register here – 2024 READER Registration.  Once registered you will receive instructions via email regarding workbooks and being matched with a potential Worker. Registration for Readers is free.

2. View the LST Workbooks here to see the materials used in LST CONNECT.  Each Worker and each Reader will need to get their own workbook.

3. Contact us with your questions; we’re always glad to help!   LST@LST.org or 817-684-7578





LST Connect helped me improve my English a lot. It was a great opportunity because it was an opportunity to practice with a native speaker for free!…You can study English, practice your conversation with a native speaker, and also learn about the Bible.

Fabiano, LST Reader, Brazil


1. Let’s Start TALKING

Schedule an appointment with us to see if we are a good fit for your mission goals.

2. Let’s Start PRAYING

Begin to pray now about opportunities to participate in life-changing conversations around the world and across the street.

3. Let’s Start PLANNING

Together we’ll help you execute a plan that will equip and train you and/or your church to start having life-changing conversations.

Contact us via:

  • Email: LST@LST.org
  • Phone: 1-817-684-7578
  • Mail:
    PO Box 55398
    Hurst, TX 76054
    United States of America

Got questions?