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LST workbooks promote genuine relationships and effective language learning through honest and open conversations about faith. 817-684-7578

“It’s amazing because you can study English; improve and practice your conversation with a native speaker. Beside that you can learn more about the Bible!”
LST Reader in Brazil

LST Workbooks – Print

Since 1981, Let’s Start Talking (LST) has created printed workbooks for people around the world who are eager to improve their English.  LST materials are unique because they are not designed for classroom use, but instead for individual conversations.  We believe that a friendly relationship and the exchange of personal insights contribute significantly to improving language skills.  When we talk about ideas that are important to us, we try harder to communicate clearly, and we make a greater effort to understand what the other person is saying.  Here lies the success of LST’s approach and resources and their continued value in language learning.

LST Workbooks – Digital

LST’s Digital workbooks are a 21st century solution for today’s work-from-anywhere culture, bridging the gap between LST Workers and Readers living anywhere in the world.  These virtual workbooks contain the same content as the printed workbooks, but in a digitized and interactive flipbook format designed for online use when face-to-face reading sessions are not possible.  For the first time, reading sessions can now occur seamlessly with your local neighbors or your international mission sites – all from the comfort of your home!

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Workbook Series and Descriptions

All LST workbooks are designed for both “Workers” (North American volunteers) and “Readers” (international participants).

The Core Series is the starting point for all LST or FriendSpeak reading sessions.  These four workbooks should be used in chronological order and assume that your international Reader can at least struggle through a basic conversation in English.

  1. Luke 1
  2. Luke 2
  3. Acts 1
  4. Acts 2


The Discover Series is your next step after the completion of the Core Series.  These four workbooks are designed for deeper conversations and can be used in any order to build on your previous experience.


The Advanced Series is your final step after the completion of the Core Series and Discover Series. These four workbooks may be used in any order and assume a more advanced level of English, Biblical understanding, and a stronger relationship between the volunteer Worker and international Reader.


The Beginner Series is designed for beginner English-level Readers who are not ready to begin the Core Series, meaning they are not able to carry on a basic conversation in English.  These two workbooks are designed to be used as curriculum in a small group or classroom setting.



We encourage all volunteer Workers to participate in LST’s training before using the workbooks with an international Reader.  This training is available online (for groups and/or individuals) or onsite (for groups).  Schedule an appointment or send us your training questions via email.

As part of their training, Workers will need access to Seed Thoughts.  Contact LST for the password.



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