LST Connect

LST Connect is LST’s online connection point to life-changing conversations around the world. 

Connect online for meaningful English-conversation practice! Use time-tested LST workbooks, make a new friend, and improve your English!  If you are new to LST this is the best way to connect for your first time.  If you have prior LST experience, here is a wonderful opportunity to stay connected!


International Friends (LST “Readers”):

Let us connect you with a trained LST Worker to practice English conversation!  Connect online for a season of improving your English and making a new North American friend.  If you have participated in an LST project at your home city here is a chance to continue that experience!  If you are new to LST you’ll love the chance to meet one-to-one with a trained native speaker!  Either way, you will use the time-tested LST approach to make a new friend, grow in your English skills, and have meaningful conversation.

Once you register we will match you with your LST Worker.  They will contact you to set up your first LST session!  We recommend using Zoom or WeChat.  Your LST Worker will let you know which platform they have chosen.

We look forward to hearing from you!

International Friends (LST Readers) – register HERE.



North American Friends (LST “Workers”):

We’ll connect you with a Reader from Korea, Brazil, or perhaps Greece!  Without even stepping out your front door we’ll introduce you to an international friend thousands of miles away!  In many cases your Reader will have prior LST experience.  In other cases, you may be connected with a brand new Reader.  Either way, how fun!

Let us provide a fantastic approach to faith-sharing, time-tested materials, a new international friend, ongoing access to training, and support throughout the year!  For one low fee you can engage Readers as often or as little as you like for the year!  If you are new to LST we’ll provide the basic training you need to be successful utilizing the LST approach.  You’ll love this natural, non-confrontational approach to building relationships and sharing your faith.

Once you register we’ll match you with your Reader and ask you to contact them directly in order to set up the first session.  For your sessions we recommend using Zoom or WeChat.  You and your Reader can choose a platform that works well for you.  We’ll also provide opportunities for sharing best practices when it comes to conducting LST sessions online.

Meet as often as you like with your Reader, using your existing LST workbook(s)!

North American Friends (LST Workers) – register HERE.

After registering, access the Resource Hub HERE.





1. Let’s Start TALKING

Schedule an appointment with us to see if we are a good fit for your mission goals.

2. Let’s Start PRAYING

Begin to pray now about opportunities to participate in life-changing conversations around the world and across the street.

3. Let’s Start PLANNING

Together we’ll help you execute a plan that will equip and train you and/or your church to start having life-changing conversations.

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