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“LST is like Sunshine for the soul.  It means so much to them…and to me, that you and the others at LST care about these good people.” 

LST Host in Europe


We love serving churches and Christian organizations around the world!  In fact, we’ve been doing that since 1980! 

Let us serve you in two ways:   

First, we can send an LST team to help you reach new friends in your neighborhoods.  LST teams are small (2-5 people).  They are easy to manage.  And, LST teams arrive ready to work.  Your LST team will offer something people in your community want – English conversation practice with a native speaker.  But, they will also offer something people need – God’s word and a Christian friend.     

Second, LST is a great way for Christians you know in North America to visit you.  Are you supported by a church in North America?  Invite members of that church to come and visit you while they do LST sessions!  Do you have friends in the US who would like to visit you?  Encourage them to come as an LST team!  They can visit you, encourage you, learn about your work, AND do meaningful work.   

Our goal is to help you reach NEW people in your neighborhoods and give people you ALREADY know a meaningful way to participate in your work.

LST is the best short-term mission opportunity available to mission sites to make an immediate impact with extremely high long-term potential. I am completely sold on LST as compared to traditional short-term efforts. They each have their purpose, but if you are wanting a model to initiate growth, this is it.” 

From Kigali, Rwanda

Here are a few questions hosts often ask us: 


What is the LST approach? 

LST teams help people in your community practice English conversation.  Scripture is the basis of those conversations.  Your team conducts these sessions one-to-one.  It’s not teaching English.  It’s not really Bible study either.  LST helps you connect with new friends in your city by offering life-changing conversations.   The Readers will come because of the chance to practice English conversation.  They will stay because of the meaningful friendships they create and the deep conversations they have with their LST partner.    

Click on the links below to see examples of an LST session: 

Example #1 

Example #2  

Click on the link below to see a sample of a lesson from the Luke Workbook
Luke Workbook sample   

Where do LST teams come from? 

We recruit teams from all over North America.  We build teams of students from universities and campus ministries.  We also create teams from churches.  If you have a congregation you are connected to let us recruit a team from there!  All LST workers apply and go through an approval process.  We process all applications and do our best to create a good match for you!  

What types of teams does LST send? 

  • A traditional LST team is a group of 2-6 Workers.  They come to you for 2-6 weeks.  Many teams composed of university students come for 4-6 weeks.  Most of the teams composed of adults or families can come for 2-3 weeks. 
  • LST YoungFriends team is composed of high school students.  A group of 5-15 high school students can come with a few adult leaders.  They come for about one week and do LST in small groups for teenagers in your neighborhood.  
  • LST Pathways workers come for 1-2 years.  They help do LST follow-up and perform additional service you need.  

When do LST teams come? 

We send teams every month of the year.  Tell us when you’d like teams to come.  We’ll do our best to match you with a team. 

What is expected of the host?

Before arrival, hosts work with our site coordinator to arrange housing, prepare the work site, and advertise the project to the community.  During the project, hosts largely maintain their normal schedule, except to attend the weekly parties.  After the team leaves, hosts are encouraged to follow up with the readers and invite them to continue engaging with the local church.

How do I get a team? 

Fill out the contact form below and we will start the process.  We have a simple application form for new sites.  If you are new to LST we will explore the best way LST can help you.  We may even come to your site first for a site visit.  Once we agree together that LST is a good fit for you, we will start recruiting a team.  

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