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Pathways is a 1-2 year mission experience at a Let’s Start Talking (LST) site, equipping Christians to share their faith and lives cross-culturally while building a path toward life-long service at home or abroad. Here’s more you need to know:


  • Utilizes the LST approach for faith-sharing and relationships-building via life changing conversations rooted in Scripture and focused on English conversation proficiency.
  • Ideal for graduating college students but open to those well past their college years.
  • Meets the need of mission churches for specialized assistance as well as the desire of Christians to conduct meaningful service abroad.
  • Creates opportunities to utilize the LST approach at an international site, to engage in gift-based ministry, to grow through distance and on-site mentoring, and to forge a path for life-long ministry at home or abroad.
  • A cooperative effort between LST ( and Mission Resource Network (



Fall Semester
Explore pathways, apply, early fundraising.

Spring Semester
Fundraising, site placement, training.

Complete fundraising and training.

Depart for site.


Spring Semester
Begin next steps discovery for post-Pathways.

Return home, begin debriefing and re-entry.


LST will work with you and your site to create an overall budget. We’ll also provide the training, online platform, and encouragement you need to create a powerful support team! Fundraising deadlines help you meet expenses as incurred. All funds are due well-ahead of departure.


Pulling from LST’s global network, priority is given to sites that not only desire Pathways workers but which will maximize the efforts and growth of those workers. We prefer to send more than one Pathways worker to a site.

What is LST’s role?

We’re with you from start to finish! You’ll have a member of our staff connected with you from your first contact with us. They will be in touch with you through the entire process; always just a phone call or email away. We’ll manage all the on-site logistics, travel arrangements, budget, etc.

What’s my next step?

Contact us via phone, email, or web site. Our passionate and highly competent staff in Fort Worth, Texas is eager to connect!


1. Let’s Start TALKING

Schedule an appointment with us to see if we are a good fit for your mission goals.

2. Let’s Start PRAYING

Begin to pray now about opportunities to participate in life-changing conversations around the world and across the street.

3. Let’s Start PLANNING

Together we’ll help you execute a plan that will equip and train you and/or your church to start having life-changing conversations.

Contact us via:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 817-684-7578
  • Mail (NEW mailing address):
    PO Box 55398
    Hurst, TX 76054

Stay in touch!