Happy New Year! Let’s Start Talking is actually celebrating New Years Day today! Welcome to a new year and a new season for LST. 

It’s with great joy that I announce the official beginning of LST’s 40th birthday year (1980-2020). We are going to celebrate all year as we begin our third generation of serving the Lord through His remarkable and life-changing ministry. The celebration begins with…

  • LST 40th Birthday Parties all year long in various locations throughout the country.
  • A new LST Website launched TODAY.
  • New branding for LST, FriendSpeak, YoungFriends and Pathways. Read the story behind the new logo.
  • Announcing the Generations Initiative, our three-year plan to grow LST ministries for the next 20 years

It’s a new era for Let’s Start Talking. Let’s Start Celebrating our 40 years of service. Together let’s declaring today a Happy New Year for Let’s Start Talking. Join us by going on LST this year, starting FriendSpeak at your church or investing your resources towards the future of LST.

Together, let’s plant more seeds of faith around the world and across the street. Happy New Year!

Scott Lambert
Executive Director